Be so kind and describe the products you sell
How many times a month do you receive a delivery of goods from your supplier to the warehouse?
On average, how many pieces of goods/items are contained in one such delivery from your supplier to your warehouse?
How many cubic meters of goods do you typically store in your warehouse?
Imagine a cube with all edges one metre in length. How many such cubes do you typically keep in your warehouse?
To which countries do you typically deliver?
Average number of orders per day
Average number of items per order
Average weight of the shipment in kg
Typical dimensions of the shipment in cm (height x width x length)
Select the packaging materiall
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Is it necessary to label the goods? (labelling such as nutrition facts, language translations etc.)
Is it necessary to check the products’ date of expiry?
(e.g. nutritional supplements, cosmetics etc. This information needs to be added if you wish your products to be dispatched from the warehouse according to their date of expiry)
What type of products do you sell?
Do you also sell goods with excessive dimensions or products heavier than 35 kg?
Do you also require to include the option of cash payment on delivery?
website of your products
The official name of your company as listed in the companies register
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Telephone contact
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